The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 Geneva Ashbrook (Shadowhunter)

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Name: Geneva Ashbrook

Gender: Female

Age: 43

Description: Geneva has long, brown hair with streaks of red. The length is usually hidden by her tendency to coil the long locks up into a chignon. Her face is all sharp lines, with high cheek bones and a thin mouth. Her eyes are so light a blue that the color leans more towards a cold grey. She Is of an average height at 5’8, but appears taller because of her perfect posture.

History: Geneva, descended from the Richmarke family, had an uneventful, if unpleasant, childhood. The last of four children, Geneva didn’t act as her other siblings did. She threw herself into training with an unusual zeal for a young girl, never seeming happy with any of her accomplishments. She preferred to train alone, the company of her family making her nervous and agitated. Her siblings, noticing the differences in their sister, teased her horribly, further ostracizing her. Geneva’s parents were confused as how to understand their daughter and, as the years went by and their efforts to get inside her rough shell were constantly rebuffed, confusion turned into frustration. The chance to alleviate the frustration and make a good connection came in the form of William Ashbrook, the heir to the London Institute. Geneva met William only once before the arranged marriage was officiated. She was genuinely glad for the marriage, but not for reasons that brides usually are. This marriage meant that she would be freed from her tortuous siblings and oblivious parents.

In the first years of their marriage, Geneva reveled in her new freedom, but also struggled with how to act around her husband. He wasn’t like her family. He actively tried to understand her and make her happy. This only served to confuse her and send her running to train or to hunt demons. William persisted, though, and a friendship, if a somewhat unusual one, sprang up between the two. She trusted him and that was more that she had ever given anyone. At the age of 22, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl named Quinn and Verity. Geneva was an unsure and over protective mother, in the early days, applying her obsessive attitude to her parenting. She also felt freed by the love she could feel for them. They were a part of her and a part of a person she cared for, so her love came willingly, if a little extreme in those days.
However, Geneva still sought solace in her Shadowhunter duties, insisting that she go alone each time. Worrying for her safety, William followed her one night and was killed saving her from a high caste demon. Geneva was surprised at the level of emotion she felt at his death. The Clave’s disdain for her carelessness didn’t faze her, but knowing that he cared enough to die for her pained her. She felt so much guilt and genuine grief for someone she had loved, in her own way. Outwardly, she turned cold towards her children. Seeing their faces that looked so much like his only served as a reminder to her failure. Inwardly, she was constantly frightened of seeing them die as she had seen William die. She worked the twins long hours, allowing nothing but perfection in everything they did. She hired multiple tutors, no matter the expense, knowing that her children’s lives were so much more precious. Geneva also threw herself into perfecting the Institute. The Clave, from the moment of her husband’s death, doubted her ability to run. Her pride forced her to spend exorbitant amounts of money to better the Institute.

Unfortunately, her zeal did not match her competency, and she has acquired many debts. As a last ditch effort to save the Institute, she agreed to an arranged marriage between her son, Quinn, and Colette Cartwright. Colette’s money would save the Institute. And, if it helped quash absurd rumors about her son, all the better.  

Personality: Geneva is a very intense person. Her intensity usually shows itself through her need to be perfect in all ways. She rarely shows her true emotion, choosing to put up a shied between herself and others, so as to best perform her duty. Her pride is her ultimate weakness. Her handle on control is her life boat.

Likes: Botany, fighting, order

Dislikes: emotions, imperfection, surprises

Weapon of Choice: chakrams

Relationship Status; With who: Widow of William Ashbrook

Picture: Geneva Ashbrook (Shadowhunter) KRISTIN2

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Geneva Ashbrook (Shadowhunter)
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