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 Fiona Murphy (Mundane)

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Name: Fiona “Fee” Murphy

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Description: Fiona is short at 5’5, much to her brother, Jamie’s, enjoyment. Her skin is pale with more than the usual sprinkling of freckles, on her arms, chest, and splashed across her face. Her mouth is wide, with full lips. Her fiery red hair falls, in waves, all the way to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a deep amber color. Her hands are red and rough from years of scrubbing.

History: Fiona was born in the London Institute, in the servant’s quarters. Her parents were the best a girl could ask for. Her mother was beautiful. She sang to Fiona when she was sad or scared, running her surprisingly soft hands through her daughter’s hair. Fiona’s mother could be strict though, especially if Fiona messed up a chore. But, Fiona always knew that her mother loved her. Her father was a great, tall man, with arms that could lift the heaviest barrel. For such a large man, he had the softest heart.

When her brother Jaimie was born, Fiona was in awe of him, in all his pink, red-haired wonder. Her parents had her promise to always take care of him because they might not always be there to watch over him. Servants to Shadowhunters were expected to fight alongside their masters, risking their lives in a world they hadn’t been made for, but that the Sight had opened up to them. Fiona knew they just wanted her to be a good big sister, and that they would always be there for both her and Jaimie. Until, the day that they weren’t.

Fiona was 11 years old when her parents died. At that age, she couldn’t fathom the reason why God would take away the parents of innocent children. Her pain was immense. But, her final promise to her parents pulled Fiona away from her sorrow, to focus on her 3 year-old brother, who kept asking where Mummy and Papa had gone. She focused all her love that she had felt for her parents and wrapped it around Jamie.

The Ashbrooks, the family that ran the Institute, graciously allowed Fiona and her brother to stay on as their parents had. Mr. Ashbrook was kind and offered words of sympathy. Mrs. Ashbrook, who had always scared Fiona, just nodded her approval and went back to sharpening her chakrams.

Fiona matured years in those first few months, taking care of Jamie, as well as doing her duties as maid to the Ashbrook’s daughter, Verity. She was nervous at first, fearing that the girl, who was younger than her, would turn out to be as cold as her mother. But, she was sweet and kind. After Mr. Ashbrook died, both Verity and her brother Quinn were torn with grief for their father, cut off from their mother by her coldness. The pain reminded Fiona of her own that she still suffered with. This similarity was enough to bridge the gap between herself and the twins, and she helped them as much as she could.

Through the rest of their childhood and teenage years, Fiona and the twins, and then Jaimie all became the closest of friends, much to the displeasure of Mrs. Ashbrook. Fiona enjoys her work as Verity’s personal maid and loves training alongside her. Because of her early start at the Institute, she also has seniority over all the other servants, despite her occupation.

Personality: Fiona is much like her mother and father, having inherited their loving nature. She can be strict like her mother once was, constantly correcting Jamie’s mistakes and covering up for those that she can’t fix. But, she loves his clumsy nature because it is a part of him. She is strong and opinionated, a fact that she only reveals to the twins and the other servants.

Likes: Blue skies, music of any kind, her Jamie

Dislikes: Bullies, the rain, Mrs. Ashbrook

Relationship Status; With who: Single

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Fiona Murphy (Mundane)
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