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 Arabella Bishop (Mundane)

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Name: Arabella Grace Bishop

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Description: Arabella has long, dark brown hair that appears black in almost any light, and is normally pinned up in some form or fashion. In contrast, her skin is pale and fair, contributing to her air of regality. Her eyes are a sharp green, and usually bright and sparkling. With a thin frame, lips that form a perfect pout, and long, curled eyelashes, Arabella is considered to be quite beautiful to those around her.

History: Arabella grew up as the darling of society, due to her aristocratic parents' high standing in the proper social circles. She never knew what it was to want something for longer than a few minutes, and was doted on by many adoring relatives and dear friends of the family. Even the servants of the magnificent manor her family inhabited loved the girl, for she was the picture of perfection in appearance and demeanor.
As a child, it was often tossed around that sweet girl had such a vibrant and vivid imagination, as Arabella saw things no one else could ever find. She spoke of fairies in the bushes, sprites in the river nearby, and far more monsters than her parents thought could possibly exist in the nightmares of their daughter. Unbeknownst to anyone in the mundane world, a secret affair many generations back in the lineage led to Arabella possessing the Sight in the present day.
Very few people entertained her visions other than her best childhood friends. While her parents often grew tired of the things Arabella seemed to dream up, Nicholas and his older brother never did. The trio were quite content in their innocent world of playing and pretending as only children can do. No one was surprised at the friendship, as the two families, both more rich and important than most others, had always been close. It was only natural that the children were as well. In fact, Arabella cannot remember the day she met the brothers, because to her they were always a part of her life and her friendship with them was as constant as her actual family.
Discussed between the parents was a plan of sorts, an engagement to finally tie the two names and fortunes together. The idea was never outright spoken to Arabella or Nicholas when they were young, but it was always mentioned around them that the two good friends were meant to be together, that even as children everyone could tell.  
To both families' joy, a young romance between the two started on its own account, when Arabella was just 16. Her father may have complained that she was too young, and her mother may have fretted about her baby girl growing up, but both didn't dare stop their daughter from managing to find time alone with the boy who had always been her best friend.
Despite this joy, the Bishop parents and even Arabella herself were troubled. She was far too old for her imagination to be in play, and yet she couldn't deny the things she saw that were not visible to everyone else. Of course, growing up she had learned to keep her mouth shut from mere acquaintances, but often didn't hold the same restraint with those close to her, and concern was growing, especially as Nicholas began to notice that something was off.
At 17, in a whirlwind of a trip to London, Arabella was secretly seen by a doctor who dealt with delicate cases of the mind with utmost discretion. Only her parents and a few servants accompanied her, and to everyone else she was off on yet another trip for more dresses and hats in the latest fashion. After several examinations, some more painful and invasive than others, Arabella was diagnosed with hysteria, a catch-all for many doctors treating young women, and the term was vaguely used to explain the magic only she could see. Seemingly, Arabella was in such a frail state of mind that she conjured up creatures and events only visible to her, and the doctors knew of no cure.
Sent home with an explanation and nothing more, Arabella's parents finally sat down with her to discuss what needed to be said inside the family. They spoke of bettering the family name and continuing the line, and how an engagement to Nicholas, not at the current moment but sometime in the future, would be beneficial to everyone. She had no objection, of course, other than surprise that this had already been planned, but what came after was more difficult. Her parents begged, pleaded, and implored her to keep her diagnosis, and from now on anything unusual she saw to herself, including from them but especially from Nicholas and his family. Nothing could be done to put the tie in jeopardy.
Arabella nodded her understanding and went about her life with more of a sense of responsibility. Less carefree than before, slightly more withdrawn, she and Nicholas tried to continue as if nothing had happened, but both had grown up some and in much different ways.
Shortly after this, in a shock to everyone but Arabella, who had an idea of the deepest parts of his heart all along, Nicholas renounced his family's fortune because it was money he hadn't earned. As naturally as it had started, their romance faded, as their social circles immediately changed. Nicholas wouldn't allow himself to drag Arabella down, and although it broke her heart, she knew it was for the best. The parents mourned the loss of the potential engagement, but everyone knew that it wouldn't be appropriate after this, and the idea was forgotten. The two remained friends, but with a new distance between them, as seeing each other became a somewhat unusual occurrence due to propriety. Letters are often exchanged, but neither can deny that they will likely never be as close as they once were.
At 18, along with all the other girls her age, Arabella returned to London and was presented at Court, and from there almost all of her former life of running about the grounds with Nicholas was forgotten. Now out in society, she was swept up in the elegant afternoons and grand parties, and deemed one of the best catches of the season. Whereas before a quick engagement would have followed her debut, now she was widely available and did her best to enjoy it. Each season Arabella has returned to London with a vengeance, waiting for a boy to win her over. Several tried, but no one was able to hold her or her parents' attention for long, and everyone began muttering that she would never actually settle.
Much to their amazement, Arabella did find someone. Returned home from university in America, the very eligible and very rich Thomas Evans spent his first season in London courting the now 21 year old. They met at one of the first balls, eyes catching from across the room as if from a novel, and once the current dance ended he was immediately at her side, asking for the pleasure of her next one. Arabella happily obliged, and fought off all other men that evening if only to spend more time with the first to truly interest her in years.
She hadn't known what she was looking for until it was right in front of her, and it didn't take long for her to fall for the witty, clever, and thoughtful young man who spend most of his days calling on her. By the end of the season their engagement was inevitable, and sure enough, on a windy summer's day, Arabella clutched at her hat and cried with delight as Thomas proposed. Unlike most of their acquaintances, their match was one of love. Only as an added bonus, both families greatly approved. The Bishops were especially pleased that Arabella's remaining friendship with Nicholas would now be put to the side.
Indeed, with wedding planning and a happy engagement, the letters have slowed significantly over the last several months. Furthermore, Arabella refuses to acknowledge anything unusual she might see, and wouldn't dare tell a soul of the hysteria diagnosis she received years ago, simply pretending along with her parents that it never happened. She and Thomas eagerly await their wedding day, set to be soon, and continue to be the picture of a happy couple.

Personality: Although labeled as delicate, since she will not be hysterical to anyone but her parents, Arabella is actually quite clever and capable, and has been doing her best to prove this to everyone she knows over the past few years. She is unusually kind for someone of her upbringing, and often thinks of what would be best for others as opposed to herself. Pleasant, charming, and sociable, rarely does she meet someone who does not quickly grow to like her.

Likes: Parties, social gatherings, her fiance and family

Dislikes: Upsetting anyone, anything only visible to her

Relationship Status; With who: Soon to be married to Thomas Evans

Arabella Bishop (Mundane) Arabel11

Other: None
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Arabella Bishop (Mundane)
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