The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 Marius Blanc (Vampire)

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Name: Marius Blanc

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 19

True Age: 100

Description: Marius has olive skin and pale gold hair that hangs down around his shoulders. His delicate features, slight build and long hair have often gotten him confused for female which is something he often uses to his advantage.

History: Born in the basement of a brothel, Marius was just one more unclaimed child that roamed the streets of Whitechapel. The last name ‘Blanc’, probably started as a joke, became a way to identify the bastards of prostitutes that lived in the slums of the area. Madam LaRoux’s was a brothel especially keen on the pretence that they only had French women to offer. Some actually were, others pretended to be, but either way the entire place was filled with young girls and women with names like Brigitte and Chloe’ and reeked of cheap ‘french’ perfume. Marius was one of a handful of bastards that were allowed to sleep in the basement and even be given scraps of food provided they earn their keep in the establishment. He was always aware that one of the women that worked around him was likely his mother, though no one ever claimed him.

Some were kind, some were cruel but none of them meant anything to him other than a young woman who went by Juliett. She would often share her meals with him and give him extra blankets but what he loved the most about her were the stories she would tell. She came up with wonderful adventures and tales of the wondrous life she was going to have once she finally got away from Madame LaRoux’s, promising that she would adopt Marius as her own child and take them far away. Her stories were so lovely and her smile, even after a long night of working was so genuine that the boy allowed himself to believe her.

The women of the brothel came and went almost as frequently as their customers, some went to work somewhere else, some died and others just disappeared into the night. Marius was no stranger to death, many of the women and children died in the brothel itself from disease, consumption, and the occasional murder so it was no surprise to the others when her body was found. Marius had gone looking for Juliett after she had missed breakfast which usually happened mid morning after the customers had stumbled back to their wives. What he found was nothing like watching a dead body be carried out; it was more like what one would find behind the curtain at the butchers, she was almost unrecognisable aside from her puddle of black hair that stood out like spilt ink amongst the violent shades of red.

After the men came to collect what pieces of her remained, Marius and the other children were set to the task of cleaning up her room so that a new woman could start taking customers as soon as possible. That night as he cried while he scrubbed his hands raw trying to remove the red stains from his palms, he felt any hope that Juliett had managed to give him get washed away with the blood.

As time passed, the children that grew up in the brothel were forced out, only the physically appealing ones were allowed to stay but only if they were willing to work. Marius made that cut when his time came as they all knew he would but the quiet promise he made to Juliett years ago that he would never choose to give up his body like she did continued to play on repeat in his mind. But everything she had promised was a lie, there was never any other life for them, nowhere else to go, and no hope to have in humanity. He consented and became a favorite, his delicate features making him a popular choice for the customers who didn’t want to accept that they came to a brothel not seeking the company of a woman.

Marius hated all of them, each night he would imagine the butchery that had been done to Juliett, he would picture the blood that painted the walls but instead of the disfigured face of the only person he had ever cared for, he saw the faces of the men and knew that one day, he would be the one spilling the blood instead of cleaning it up.

The days didn’t seem to begin or end anymore, everything just blurring together with the perpetual routine of filth that was his life. He often forgot to eat and the amount of liquor he consumed would leave him owing money despite how many customers he could bring in. Eventually as he continued to let himself waste away, he was no longer favored and became more of a problem than a profit and was finally shooed out of the only home he had ever known. Without the shelter of a roof and a bed, he found himself content with the fact that his time was coming fast, and maybe he would finally get to see those wonderful worlds Juliett used to talk about, knowing there was nothing left for him in this retched world.

Though out on the streets, he was given something very different than the release of death, he was given eternal life. The first time he saw Mariana, he thought he was hallucinating, her dark hair looked black in the rain, her pale face like the ghost he saw every night in his nightmares. He thought Juliett had finally come to take him away from where he sat huddled in a doorway, his golden hair sticking to his face and his bones nearly visible underneath the rags he wore.

He never asked his maker why, accepting the dark gift as the paradise he had once been promised. Everything about being a vampire felt right, especially feeding. He was now the hunter, not the hunted. Mariana is like a goddess in his eyes, and he serves her faithfully, going where she says to go and killing who she says to kill all for the means of her plan of revenge. After some time, he began to feel less like a child to her and more of a partner, refusing to ever believe that the feeling was unrequited.

Personality: Marius is cold and cruel. He listens to no one other than Mariana and doesn’t believe in useless concepts like rules, especially when it comes to killing humans. He worships his maker and believes that he loves her, though his mind is warped to a point that he doesn't understand what love actually is.

Likes: Playing with his food and leaving the remains as if it is a work of art for others to find.

Dislikes: Nephilim, humans(especially men),

Relationship Status; With who:


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Marius Blanc (Vampire)
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