The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 Character Options

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Several species of characters are present in the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, and these are the options available to you for roleplaying.

Shadowhunters (Nephilim):
The race of the Nephilim was created a thousand years ago when the Angel Raziel shared his blood with the first Shadowhunter, Jonathan. The task he set the race is to rid the world of demons and to maintain the peace between Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries). They must obey the Clave (their system of government), as well as the laws given to them by the Angel Raziel that are found in the Grey Book.
Nephilim use a tool called a stele to mark runes on their body. These runes are what make the Shadowhunters stronger than regular humans. For example, the iratze rune is a healing rune. The closer to the heart a rune is drawn, the more powerful it is. They can also use Glamour to hide themselves from Mundanes (humans).
They have a secret city called Alicante, located in Idris, but most Nephilim live in Institutes everywhere around the world where they are stationed to fight off Demons.

Mundanes (Humans):
Regular humans, also called "mundanes" or "mundies," are ignorant to the Nephilim/Demon world. Humans can be turned into Vampires or Werewolves through being bitten. Also human kids can be turned into Shadowhunters with the Mortal Cup. If a mundane receives too many runes, they will either be turned into Forsaken or die.

Vampires, or Children of the Night, are Downworlders. They live on a diet of blood. To avoid suspicion, they usually feed on the blood of animals. They can sheath their teeth. They cannot enter sacred buildings such as churches and synagogues. While most vampires cannot speak the name of God in any language, some can with time and practice. Sunlight burns vampires, unless they have ingested Angel blood. They have heightened senses, as well as super strength and speed. Vampires and werewolves are constantly at war with each other. Vampires also have the ability to transform into bats and rats. A human who has drank vampire blood is called a Darkling, and a vampire that has been recently transformed is called a Fledgeling. For a vampire to be immortal, they must be buried and dig themselves up, or they shall remain in a half-life state. To kill a vampire, it is said you must cut off the head and burn it, or drain all the blood from its body. Vampires are usually found at their lair, but do wonder around at night.

Werewolves, also known as lycanthropes or Children of the Moon, are part of the Downworlder population. Like Vampires, werewolves are actually humans that have contracted a disease from Demons that result in their transformation and enhanced abilities. In human form, werewolves have enhanced speed and strength and the ability to transform into their wolf form at will. As werewolves, they follow the long held tradition of being mortal enemies of vampires. Werewolves are not generally born but are usually humans bitten by another werewolf. After the first transformation, it takes a werewolf some time to be able to resist the effect of the moon in different phases. Many, train themselves to be impervious to the moon, but are somtimes still forced into wolf form during a full moon. Following old trends, these werewolves can be killed by silver, and have a natural aversion to it. Each pack is lead by a leader, and any werewolf that kills that leader gains control of the pack.

Warlocks are Downworlders who are spellcasters. They can change shape (Those born from a shape shifting demon) and live for long periods of time. They are the offspring of Humans and Demons and often called Lilith's Children. Warlocks tend to have unnatural body parts such as bat wings, goat feet, lizard tails, scaled hands or cat eyes.

Fair Folk, Children of Lylic or Faeries are Downworlders. They have angel blood mixed with demon blood which makes them extremely cunning. They reside in the Faerie Realm, within the Seelie court. The Seelie court is made of different ranks of faeries, like knight, standard, princess, etc. They are ruled over by a queen. To enter the Seelie court you go to a pond nearby and walk into the moon's reflection in the pond backwards. The Fey cannot tell a lie, but they are very creative with the truth. The are cruel and cunning and take advantage of people. They enjoy playing with human emotions. If you drink or eat any of their food then you cannot leave Seelie Court unless the Queen let's you leave.
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Character Options
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