The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 Lord Hale Brantley (Shadowhunter)

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Name: Lord Hale Brantley

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Description: Hale is quite tall in stature, undermined by his tendency to slouch in most situations. He is naturally lean-muscled with long, tapering fingers. His wavy, golden brown hair is shoulder length, but is usually pulled back with a few strands always coming loose. His light brown eyes are slightly turned up at the corners. He has a beauty mark above the right corner of his mouth.

History: Hale was born to a family full of celebrity that would soon turn to infamy. The Brantley line was known for producing picture-perfect, heroic, law abiding Shadowhunter men and women without fail. Hale’s father, the then untitled Thomas Brantley, was no exception. He studied meticulously in Idris as a child and teen, surprising none when he became known for his spectacular fighting skills as an adult Shadowhunter. Unfortunately, he peaked early at the age of 25.

Somehow, the Enclave of London caught wind of mysterious deaths happening within the royal court. The killing style was suspiciously similar to a group of very young, uncontrolled vampires. A source in the vampire coven of London confirmed this assumption and passed along information of the next planned kill. Of course, Thomas led the attack and swiftly executed the head vampire, earning him the admiration of not only the Shadowhunters, but the King himself, who had been told that the vampires were a group of assassins. Thomas was given the title of Lord and given an estate in the English countryside. Thomas was so full of himself that he wouldn’t even think of refusing the title as the Enclave instructed him to. Attracted to Thomas’ fame and his wealth, Marissa Kincaide sought to catch his heart. Marissa was not the most effective Shadowhunter, preferring to improve her wardrobe instead of her fighting skills. But, she was extremely and devastatingly beautiful. Thomas was no match for her clever mind, so caught up in the glory of his victory. They were married not soon after.

Now, Hale was in no way a blessing to either of his parents. His mother saw him as a distraction at best and, at worst, the reason for the loss of her figure and her status as a young, femme fatal. His father was more kind to the child, but was utterly confused when it came to parenting. Thomas’ focus since his own childhood had been on self-betterment so much so that he had given little thought to another human being until Hale was born. Thomas was also caught up in the inner and outer struggle of trying to hold onto the glow of his quickly dimming victory. He fought to be placed in command of other big raids or hunts, but the Enclave used the excuse of Thomas’ infant son to effectively sever ties with him and his mundane-tainted title. Thomas soon resented his son and started going out on his own, searching for trouble. One night, Thomas found himself set upon by a dozen high caste demons. They had been summoned and sent by a powerful warlock, who’s lover Thomas had killed. Thomas was vastly outnumbered and was found the next morning by a passing police man, covered in hundreds of gashes and quite dead.

Marissa dropped the little pretense of caring mother that she had held, sending Hale to Idris to be trained, with no holidays home. In her eyes, a fashionable widow was just as alluring as what she had been before.

Having been neglected for most of his life, Hale retaliated in stubborn, pestilence. He was a horror to all his teachers and would have been sent home if Lady Brantley had allowed it. He showed much of the natural talent in fighting that his father had possessed, but only participated in the exercises when his boredom with tormenting the teachers had exceeded his stubbornness. Once he came of age, Hale was finally sent home, where his mother met with him only long enough to explain that he would have a considerable allowance and his own house in London. Now equipped with a literal fortune at his fingertips, Lord Hale Brantley passes many of his days in a state of unconsciousness and most of his nights throwing elaborate and audacious parties, with a diverse guest list. There is nothing too below him to be tried, as long as it has a pleasurable outcome. Hale is a social pariah in both the Shadowhunter and Mundane circles.  

Personality: Hale inherited his father’s stubborn pride with his mother’s ever-starving vanity. He is all highs and rarely ever hits the lows. But, when he does, his anger is unparalleled in it’s fiery intensity. He is also prone to small, short-lived fits of self-reflection and gloom, followed quickly by a magnificent party. He still posses the mischievousness of his childhood. Hale’s true redeeming feature is his utter loyalty to those that he allows into his inner circle.

Likes: Controversy, silk, alcohol, tigers

Dislikes: the color beige, closed minds, and being alone

Weapon of Choice: Rapier

Relationship Status; With who: It’s complicated

Picture: Lord Hale Brantley (Shadowhunter) C380527_9d91bc35ea845e680152ecd514acdaee

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Lord Hale Brantley (Shadowhunter)
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