The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 Quinton Ashbrook (Shadowhunter)

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Name: Quinton “Quinn” Alexander Ashbrook

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Description: Quinn has a lean, muscular build with broad, defined shoulders that are emphasized by his perfect posture. Though despite his masculine build, there is a softness to his features, especially with his eyes and his smile. His eyes are a green-grey with a ring of silver surrounding the iris. He has dark brown hair that his mother has always made sure is kept perfectly groomed and styled but on occasion he has let it grow out long enough so that the tips begin to get a slight curl around his ears and nape of his neck and when caught in the sunlight, highlights of copper can be seen. He stands at about 5’10 but his aristocratic manor makes him appear taller.

History: Quinn’s childhood is similar to any other child born into a proud, upper class shadowhunter family. He and his twin sister, Verity were conditioned by their mother to be the picture of perfection, even when at home with no one but the servants to witness. Their father was a loving man and talented shadowhunter, the kind of man that put his heart and soul into everything he did, especially when it came to his family and the running of the London Institute. Despite what everyone viewed as a loveless marriage, William Ashbrook cared deeply for his wife and tried to make her happy even though she had only married him for his title and money, a fact that added to the twins resentment of their mother after their father died sacrificing himself to save her. Quinn inherited his father's gentle nature which alienated him from his mother at a young age, never being able to understand her cold and calculating personality. From birth the twins were two halves of a whole but their bond was strengthened even more after their father's death as they felt that they were all they had left in the world due to their disconnection from their mother and became parabatai at age 12 to forever seal their love and loyalty to each other and the promise to never leave the other on their own. With a heavy heart, Quinn understands that his purpose in life is to marry and become head of the Institute that has been run by their family for generations and is of the utmost importance to his mother as it is what he has been born and bred for. He accepts his destiny gracefully even though his own passions would take him far away from the overwhelming pressure and the ever watchful eye of his mother and the Claive.

Personality: Quinn is a quiet and pensive young man, never truly having the ability to explore his own passions and interests. The thought of delving too deeply into his true nature terrifies him and is something he has sworn to himself he will never admit. Verity (and possibly Fiona and Jamie) are the only people who know, even without it ever being spoken aloud. Although, as in every high class society rumors have begun to spread due to his age and previous lack of interest in any of the young female shadowhunters whose family had attempted to secure their daughters with his high position. Inevitably ending in his mother's setting up the nonnegotiable arranged marriage With Colette Cartwright.

On the rare occasion that he is able to escape his mother's constant tutelage in either etiquette or intensive training, he spends his time in the music room where his father's lingering presence is the strongest. Like his father, Quinn has a natural talent for playing instruments and even writing his own music. Music is the closest his mother has ever allowed him to associate with the mundane world and he often loses himself for hours playing the piano or violin and getting lost in a world in which he can forget who he is and the responsibilities that weighs heavily on his shoulders. When he isn’t in the music room or hiding from their mother with Verity, he is downstairs or outside with Fiona and Jaime, often helping with household duties (With Jamie as Fiona doesn’t allow it) He has grown up with the two siblings and sees them as his friends and equals, much to his mother's disgust. When around the high society shadowhunters that his mother so often has over for elaborate dinners and garden parties, he is every inch the gentleman his mother has raised him to be, only around his sister and the Murphy siblings (though never in front of his mother) can he be the light hearted, loving person that he really is.

Likes: Playing/ writing music,
His intensely strong bond he has with his twin,
the companionship he has found with the Murphy siblings,

Dislikes: Though a skilled fighter, he really has no love for the intensity of battle.
When he falls too deeply into self reflection and his brain begins to dance around ideas that he thinks he has tucked safely away.
His mother, though he does love her in his own way.
When people who know nothing about him gossip and and spread rumors for their own amusement.

Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows. He would rather not be in the middle of the battle to keep a close eye on Verity to ensure her safety at all times. Though he is skilled with a variety of weapons.

Relationship Status; With who: Engaged to Colette Cartwright


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Quinton Ashbrook (Shadowhunter)
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