The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 Edward McKinney (Mundane)

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PostSubject: Edward McKinney (Mundane)   Edward McKinney (Mundane) EmptySun Jun 12, 2016 4:18 am

Name:  Edward McKinney

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Description: Despite his height of almost six feet, Edward is a slim, almost delicate youth with a body toned with lean muscle from a lifetime of servitude and manual labor. He has dark, raven hair that he has been conditioned to keep tidy and styled in the way expected of a servant, though on the rare occasion that he is out of uniform, it tends to have a mind of it’s own and stick out in a way that makes him appear younger. His pale blue eyes are striking though can be unnerving when narrowed in his well practiced icy glare. He has the slightest Scottish accent that he has tried to be rid of completely in an attempt to sound English but tends to become more pronounced when he is angry or excited.

History: Edwards history is similar to so many other mundanes not fortunate enough to have been born into the upper class. Born in Scotland, his early years were spent working in various low level positions downstairs at the estate that his father served as Butler. Growing to his tall height at a young age, he was promoted to footman at 14 where he became a favorite of the Lady of the house due to his ever increasing good looks and charming smile. Though despite the Lady’s favor, Edward was terrible at his job. Not due to lack of ability but because he loathed everything about being a servant and had a bitter hatred for those he served. Being born into a family that had served at the great Highland estate for generations, he had never been given an option and resented his parents for accepting servitude as the only way of life. At 16, his petulance and insubordination peaked to the point that the Lord of the house began to notice and threatened with the risk of losing his own position, Edward's father had no choice but to send him away.
He was only too happy to go, having let himself believe that London held opportunities for him far beyond that of the pathetic existance of his father. Though upon arriving in the city, reality soon hit that he had no training or any ability to make a living in anything other than service and found himself back at the bottom of the chain of command as the lowest footman in a Lord's home. The family had a good name but the fortune had run out so the quality of living was far below what Edward had grown up accustomed to at the estate in Scotland and despite himself, he found that he bitterly missed home.
Pride kept him from returning to Scotland and the next few years all seemed to blur together as he moved from house to house, never staying in service at any one place for very long. It was his ability to be charming through his despair and loathing that got him references decent enough to continue to find work but he grew even more embittered with each residence he left or was sacked from that whatever boyish nature he once had was quickly fading, leaving behind nothing but an angry, cold young man.
At 18, his luck seemed to take a turn for the better when he found employment with a well to do American family that had just moved to London after making their fortune. Working for the family that clearly had no idea how ridged British society was turned out to be a pleasant experience, they were kind and payed fair if not over exaggerated wages to their staff. It didn’t take long for Edward to find companionship in the son and heir of the family who wasn't much older than he was. He became a confidant of sorts and helped the other young man fill in the gaps in his social etiquette so to better blend in with the English upper class. Companionship quickly turned into something more intimate and it was only the son's fondness for Edward that not only brought him up from footman to the son's personal valet but allowed him to stay in the families employment for an entire year. Though as the heir found his place in society and was set to marry an English girl with the name and title to help wipe away the disgrace of being American, Edwards lover began to become cold and emotionless towards him, even going so far as to deem himself too good to even engage in polite conversation and once again, he felt the sting of his lowly position in life. His bitterness and petulance returned quickly and he would have soon been sacked had fate not taken him on an interesting detour.
The families invitation to a ball thrown by the royal family had been all any of them could talk about for the month to come, though Edward made no attempt to hide his disgust for the entire situation and in exchange of the sons coldness, he began to become irate with Edward’s behavior, even going so far as to become violent when things were not done in the way he saw fit. Both young men were stuck for the time being, Edward not being able to react to the abuse for fear of never again being able to find a position with a decent family and the son with his upcoming event making him unwilling to risk hiring a new valet before the big night. Begrudgingly, Edward did his duty that night and put on his most charming smile as he stood at attention behind his master. It wasn’t until he caught the eye of a distractingly beautiful member of the aristocratic crowd did things begin to change. He was painfully aware of the unusual man's gaze on him during the nights events and couldn’t help his own gaze from wandering back to the man. It wasn’t until he saw the gentleman pull a slim, silver instrument from his jacket pocket and draw something on his skin did he let any emotion show on his face. Not only had the action been bizarre but no one else, even those standing around the man had seemed to notice. Only when the gentleman looked up and found Edward staring, open mouthed and wide eyed at him did the man smile and began to saunter his way through the crowd towards him. He didn’t hear the entire exchange between the unknown man and his current employer but he caught enough to know they were talking about him and grew increasingly more uncomfortable. It wasn't until the man pulled out his pocket book and his american lord gave a gleeful clap did he realise what was happening. He was being sold, like furniture, like an inanimate object that has no will of it’s own. Edward instantly wanted to hate this strange man, though something about his demeanor made his heart beat a little faster and even as he was ushered towards this man whom he couldn't even call an employer as he had been bought like a slave, he found himself going willingly.
It didn’t take long in Lord Brantley’s service to understand why he had been purchased. The man had no reservations about making it very clear why Edward was there and despite himself, he found bliss in his new position. Lord Brantley explained his life to Edward, confirming that the strange things he had always seen weren't just time wasting daydreams as his father had always told him, but an entirely different world that the “mundanes” knew nothing about. Edward's infatuation with Lord Brantley was almost immediate and the shadowhunters reciprocated intimacy had edward in what seemed to be a constant daydream of this new life he had  stumbled upon.

Personality: Due to the feeling of having absolutely no control over his own destiny both as being a servant and his sexual preference, Edward has a very bitter and pessimistic view on life. Though despite his usually cold exterior, he wants nothing more than to find love, acceptance and more than anything a place where he feels like he is more than just a slave.
Necessity has given him a sometimes cruel disposition, having learned at a young age that if he can’t get what he wants from charm alone, that it is always beneficial to know more about the people around him than they know about him, because any tiny bit of information can be useful even if it seems insignificant at the time. He has an air of self confidence that is almost completely false as he hates everything about his life though only in the very heart of the night when he is alone will he sometimes allow himself to reflect on the cold person he has become and let himself dream of what it would be like if his life had gone differently.

Likes: The attention he receives from Hale
The general positive response to his appearance

Dislikes: Everyone he has ever served
His father
Being treated as if he is beneath everyone

Relationship Status; With who:Completely infatuated with Lord Brantley


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Edward McKinney (Mundane)
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