The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad
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 James Murphy (Mundane)

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James Murphy (Mundane) Empty
PostSubject: James Murphy (Mundane)   James Murphy (Mundane) EmptySun Jun 12, 2016 4:20 pm

Name: James “Jamie” Murphy

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Standing at 5’9, Jamie is slender and still maintains a boyish appearance. He has hazel eyes that are almost always illuminated by his wide smile and carefree disposition. It is impossible to miss the shock of red hair that never stays properly groomed, despite Fiona's never ending efforts. He has a light dusting of freckles that decorate his pale face that grow darker during the summer months as he tends to the grounds of the Institute. Again, despite his sister's attempts, he is usually covered in a healthy layer of dirt and his clothing is always rumpled and dirty. Needless to say, he is almost never allowed in Geneva's presence.

History: Jamie was only three when he and Fiona's  parents died bravely helping to defend the Institute, leaving his eleven year old sister alone to raise him. He has fragments of memories, a woman's soft voice singing a lullaby is Gaelic, a man's strong hands holding him close to his chest as he fell asleep to the sound of his strong heartbeat, though if asked to visualize what his mother had looked like, the only image that comes to mind is that of his sister. It was William Ashbrooks kindness and his wife's sense of honor that kept the two siblings from being cast away from the Institute as the Claive had suggested due to their young age and assumed inability to take over the duties their parents had previously preformed. It was many years before Jamie was old enough to contribute properly but because of his sister's determination, they were not just residents  out of pity but became an essential part to the running of the Institute.
Despite the madam's obvious disapproval, Quinn and Verity often spent time with the siblings, forming a bond that often caused conflict between not only the twins and their mother but other visiting Shadowhunters as well.

Personality: Jamie is a loving and carefree youth who, despite being a servant, finds joy in everything he does. He is intelligent but is often in his own daydreams or easily distracted causing him to not be the most efficient at his job. After the accidental destruction of more China and expensive artifacts around the house than he or Fiona would ever care to admit, and the occasional kitchen fire, his duties were almost completely designated to outside work. His passion is tending to the horses and driving the carriage, even if it takes an unnecessary ammout of time for Fiona to fuss over his appearance so he can be seen by Madam Ashbrook.

Likes: Fiona is his entire world.
The twins

He's terrified of Geneva Ashbrook
How hard his sister has to work, especially when it's because of a mistake he made.

Relationship Status; With who: Single


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James Murphy (Mundane)
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