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 Verity Ashbrook (Shadowhunter)

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Name: Verity Clare Ashbrook

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Description: Verity is muscular and fit like any Shadowhunter, but with curves that create a look of unmistakable femininity, which is accentuated even more by the corsets she hates to wear. Her hair, a deep brown which she considers to be dull, lights up with copper highlights in the sun, much to her delight. A subtle blue, Verity's eyes are usually piercing, matching her strong face that often masks the fierce emotion she feels for many things in her life.

History: As long as she can remember, Verity has been pushed and molded to the picture of perfection by her mother. No matter the issue, she learned very quickly that anything less than accomplished and composed was unacceptable in the public, who should see nothing but the prim and proper. At an early age, Verity began to resent her mother's unwavering desire for flawlessness in the family, especially as a sensitive child who felt deeply and often, both good and bad.
Her allies were her twin brother and father. Both far gentler than she or her mother, they served as a calming presence in her life. As much as she wished to detach herself from everything she felt, her father, a man of love and dedication, often encouraged her emotions despite his wife's protests. According to him, more often than not precious life deserved your utmost attention and devotion, whatever that led you to feel.
Verity wished he had taught her differently when at the age of 12, his death caused her to experience far more sorrow than she thought herself capable of. True to his steadfast character until the very end, William Ashbrook had sacrificed himself to save his wife, Geneva. Only in the darkness of her room at night, crying as quietly as possible, did Verity guiltily admit to herself that she wished her parents' roles had been switched.
Facing the coldness of their mother by themselves now, the twins quickly and without hesitation decided to bind themselves with something stronger than even family blood. Since her father's death, nothing had felt right until she and her brother became parabatai. This new world, although still frustratingly painful, was manageable to her only with Quinn sworn to never leave her side.
The two grew up very rapidly together if only out of necessity. Verity threw herself into her training, not to please her mother but to cope with her fierce emotions. The physicality of combat proved to be a wonderful outlet, and after a few years of extremely dedicated practice, Verity found herself to be one of the most talented Shadowhunters for her age. Due to her gender, however, she often had to fight equally as hard just to be noticed, something that frustrated her more and more each day, especially as she reached adulthood.
At 18, a particularly violent outburst saw Verity yelling at her mother for the first time, but of course only behind closed doors. The daughter demanded that Geneva show an interest, care about anything other than appearances and perfection. To Verity's horror, her mother confirmed her deepest fears, that her emotions were her weakness. Geneva asked that her daughter accept her role as gracefully as her brother did, and Verity, usually unable to be anything but brutally honest, bit her tongue and didn't reveal her brother's true feelings toward anything.
After this, as much to spite her mother as to feel that she was doing something relevant and important, if her Shadowhunter abilities were to be overlooked, Verity glamoured herself up and without telling a soul, sneaked into the mundane world. She sought out a suffragette rally, and suddenly, watching these people fight to be heard and demand fair treatment, her frustration lessened. Every time she was forgotten, every time someone whispered behind her brother's back, and every time someone cruelly dealt with a Downworlder was somehow made a little better to Verity by her witnessing the protest.
Since this, Verity has kept up her trips into the mundane world, often joining the suffragette efforts herself. Quinn of course quickly found out where she was slinking off too, but it didn't even need to be said that he wouldn't tell a soul. Aware that she could never do something like this in the Shadowhunter world because of her mother and family name, Verity relishes in these times that she can fight something other than demons.
By this time she's sure that Fiona has her figured out too, but as her closest female companion, Verity expected as much. Much to the horror of their mother, the twins have befriended the servants in a way that wouldn't be proper, and this friendship has only enforced the idea that all humans deserve to be treated with equally to Verity.

Personality: Unlike her twin, Verity is often her true self no matter her audience. She'll do her best to appear proper in public, simply to contain her mother's coldness, but has been known to slip up and speak her mind too much, as she does at home without fear. Verity loves fiercely, fights passionately, and tries to embrace her vast and varied emotions as best as she can and channel them into something useful. As much as she cares about almost everything, Verity often lacks tenderness and tact. Furthermore, usually the only thing that can soothe one of her intense sorrows or violent frustrations, products of her sensitive soul that demand to be felt from time to time, is her brother.

Likes: Her brother, suffragette protests, her friendship with Fiona and Jamie

Dislikes: Any unfair treatment (whether to herself or someone else), her mother and the small love for her that Verity still unwillingly possesses, society in general

Weapon of Choice: Daggers, as Verity is a huge fan of the intense riskiness of close combat

Relationship Status; With who: Single

Verity Ashbrook (Shadowhunter) Verity13

Other: Verity goes by her middle name, Clare, in the mundane world, and never tells anyone a last name.
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Verity Ashbrook (Shadowhunter)
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